Twitter And Blockchain Against Scam Bots

Washington. Last Wednesday on September 5, Jack Dorsey was interviewed by the E and C House Committee. The CEO of Twitter was supposed to present solutions in the fight against bots, which serve the political opinion and the systematic fraud of cyber criminals. According to their own statements, they are investigating the huge potential of the blockchain in order to disable the approximately 15,000 active fake bots for rip-off.

The CEO of the microblogging service Twitter was interviewed. Jack Dorsey had to speak to the members of the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce. This committee oversees, telecommunications and the protection of US consumers. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey presented possible solution scenarios in the fight against fake bots of all kinds. To rule out systematic fraud, one could imagine using blockchain technology to establish more effective confidence and enforcement mechanisms.

Twitter Under Pressure

Twitter needs to come up with something urgently to effectively curb various forms of fraud, identity theft and the spread of fake news. In 2016 and 2017 the use of countless bots, which have been used with targeted disinformation and incitement campaigns contributed to the fact that Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States. The focus of cyber criminals, however, are all too trusting consumers who believe the promises of Twitter accounts too much. Again and again fake accounts of celebrities are used to distribute alleged gifts in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Not ready for a long time

The Californian MP Doris Matsui wanted to know at the hearing of Dorsey, what he wants to do about the ongoing misery. Dorsey’s answers were more evasive. He believes that Blockchain has a lot of potential, which is still unused. However, we have not penetrated as far as we would like in exploring the possibilities. However, there are employees within the company who work on a solution. They should check the practical use of Blockchain in the fight against fake bots of all kinds.

Industry experts suggest the Ethereum ERC725 protocol as a way out. By integrating a similar blockchain solution, where the Twitter accounts are decentrally checked for authenticity, the number of fraudulent accounts could be reduced to zero. A final assessment by Twitter is still pending.

Dorsey highlighted to the committee that countless data are publicly available on Twitter. Users would not have lost control over their own data unlike other closed systems. Unfortunately, full transparency has not changed the fact that Twitter’s network is still being abused every day by cyber criminals of all types.

15,000 Scam Bots on twitter

The US security company Duo Security examined all 88 million Twitter accounts this August to identify 15,000 scam bots. The identification, deletion and avoidance of harmful bots is a cat and mouse game, as it says in the study. Due to the open structure of the Twitter database, Duo Security has examined half a billion tweets. However, the problem is far more complex than you would imagine, it said in the evaluation of existing data. Until you can fully grasp the problem, let alone fix it, there is still much to do. This also applies to the other social networks.