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The Chromium Based Edge Browser

The Chromium Based Edge Browser

Two weeks after Microsoft Chromium based browser edge leaked, there are now official downloads of developer releases for Windows 10.

That Microsoft wants to replace its own browser engine EdgeHTML with Chromium, was already known since December. The pre-release version of the new Edge browser, which was released on the Internet, is now allowing Microsoft to track official downloads for Windows 10. Microsoft is making pre-release versions of the upcoming browser available on the Microsoft Edge Insider website.

Currently, the Edge Insider program is only available for Windows 10, but Microsoft also promises versions for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and macOS. The Edge pre-release versions are only available in English.

The new Edge still lacks some features: As Microsoft writes, there are sometimes still problems logging in and syncing with the Microsoft accounts, Media Casting does not work and also the spelling correction is missing. Browser extensions known from Chrome and Chromium can already be installed by default from the Microsoft Store.