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Razer Softminer: Reward For Being Afk

Razer Softminer: Reward For Being Afk

US gaming hardware maker Razer has launched a desktop mining app.

As the company announced on December 12, Razer offers its customers a new app for mining on the Ethereum Blockchain. The so-called Razer Softminer will use the GPU power of the devices in order to dig cryptocurrencies. The gamers will then be rewarded with Razer Silver, their own currency. The mining is running in the background, while users can continue to play.

With RazerSilver you can then make in-game purchases that vary depending on the game. According to the press release, RazerSilver and the additional ingame currency RazerGold can be used in a total of 2,500 games.

However, some have questioned the effectiveness and efficiency of the Razer Miner, claiming it is a fraud. Twitter user Scott Chicken commented on the announcement of the new product and calculated that the company earned at most 0.39 Dollar per day at full power, making a Silver worth 0.0008 Dollar. Chicken said that “if you run this at full power every day, it will take you 560 days to get a Razer keyboard worth 222 Dollar from their website”.