ProtonMail ICO or Blockchain?

ProtonMail ICO or Blockchain?

ProtonMail is looking full-time for a blockchain developer who knows Smart Contracts and has successfully implemented an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The Swiss company is planning a number of blockchain based projects and needs the support of a specialist.  

It started with Snowden  

Founded in 2013 as a result of the Snowden revelations, provider ProtonMail is one of the few freemailers to automatically encrypt all messages between their customers. Both the server locations and headquarters are intentionally located outside the EU and US. Apparently, it is now proposed in Switzerland, to throw more on the topics Blockchain or ICO.   The full-time position at Proton Technologies AG does not reveal what the company plans in detail. Payment for services via Bitcoin has been possible there for a long time for customers. If you want to apply, you should have your own Blockchain Node and a Wallet managed as well as a successful ICO.  

No ICO in the foreseeable future?  

The president of the Swiss Bitcoin Association, Lucas Betschart, believes that ProtonMail wants to launch its own ICO. The fact that the bidders are looking for experts for a secure preparation of Ethereum Smart Contracts clearly speaks in favor of the entrepreneur. The PR department responded on Twitter that the rumors about its own token are unfounded at the moment. There is no announcement. The recalibration should serve the integration of blockchain technology into planned features. You are looking for people with the widest possible horizon in terms of their experience as developers. The experience required for hiring ETH Smart Contracts should therefore not be an indication of a collection of funds by ICO for the time being, according to the official statement. On the other hand, there has been a separate website for the planned ProtonCoin since May, including separate social media channels on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. Asked by Lucas Betschart, why they created a website specifically for this, he has not yet received an answer.  

Great popularity but Many would rather not pay for it  

In the community, ProtonMail is well known to both legal and illegal users. The internal encryption of E-Mails and the ability to delete messages similar to Snapchat after the expiration of a pre-set deadline, have attracted many interested parties in recent years. Still others prefer the provider because of the possibility to log in via the Tor network. Only a few suppliers have their own onion address. Ever since the revelations of former NSA technician Edward Snowden, it has been important to many people that their data be stored away from US or EU justice. The Geneva-based company has made the encryption and its software publicly available. This allows anyone to examine the entire source code for security holes.  

Financing and DDoS Attacks  

In June 2014, everything started with a crowdfunding campaign of over $ 100,000 because PayPal temporarily blocked the company’s account. In March of the following year, ProtonMail received a cash injection from two companies. With the money, the operating company has hired more employees to offer even more services. The company may soon want to launch its own ICO in order to generate additional funds for permanent operation. The fan base for it would be big enough in any case. The financing is guaranteed so far. However, one can use the service free of charge, even with small restrictions, which many users enjoy doing. In addition, there have been DDoS attacks in the past to harm the company.   For now, you’ll have to wait and see what the ProtonCoin really is.