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“PlayStation 5 is coming” Sony Launched A Website For The New Console

“PlayStation 5 is coming” Sony Launched A Website For The New Console

Sony has now released the official Playstation 5 website. However, the website does not provide too much information. “Playstation 5 is coming” can be read there and that the console will be on sale from Christmas 2020. In order to receive informations, interested parties can register for a newsletter.

When will the console be revealed?

The website is already being discussed by fans. Some see this as a hint that PlayStation 5 should not be shown too soon. Recently, the console logo was officially registered as a brand, the manufacturer now has four weeks in principle to show the product. On the website, however, there is talk that it will take a while until the next PlayStation generation can be shown completely.

So far, it has been speculated that the console will be unveiled on February 29, 2020 as part of the event in New York City. It is currently known that AMD is responsible for the CPU and GPU in the PS5. An SSD is used instead of a hard drive. Which titles the new console generation starts with is not yet known.