New Momentum For cryptocurrencies?

New Momentum For cryptocurrencies?

After a long pause on Tuesday morning, a small jumb upwards went through the cryptocurrencie market. In the meantime, the Bitcoin price jumped 20 percent and over the $5,000 mark.

The reasons for the abrupt rise in prices is still be puzzeld. Market analysts see the psychologically important $5,000 mark in Bitcoin. The mark was reached on Tuesday morning shortly, meanwhile, the Bitcoin has settled again at $ 4,700, but this is still about 14 percent more than the day before.

The Industry Is Moving Again

The small purchase wave has also covered other cryptocurrencies. The price for Ethereum rose by about seven percent to $150, with Ripple the growth was around six percent, the Litecoin increased by ten percent. The total cryptocurrency market currently stands at just under $159 billion, according to the That’s miles away from the peaks a year or so ago, when market capitalization soared to about $700 billion.

Then there was a long-lasting decline, in recent weeks, however, many of the currencies had moved rather sideways. Maybe they found a position from which climbs are possible again.