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Mozilla stops delivering a new Firefox update due to crashes

Mozilla has stopped the rollout of its latest browser version Firefox 82 due to performance problems. This is reported by the “Bleeping Computer”. There are likely to be problems with the Windows Defender antivirus program integrated into the Windows operating system, which causes it to crash. Users report numerous bugs, for example it is not possible to print documents.

Mozilla had fixed several critical security holes with the update and adjusted the speed of the browser. For example, restoring a session is 17 percent faster, and opening new windows is ten percent faster than Windows users. Graphics acceleration is also activated automatically on more devices using web rendering.

Mozilla has some core problems

The non-profit organization finances itself by making Google pay to be the standard search engine in the browser. However, Google is now facing antitrust proceedings from the US Department of Justice. The company is accused of abusing its power. The agreement between Google and Mozilla on search engines is one of the examples of how Google exploited its monopoly on the search engine market in the USA. With Firefox, Google is the standard search engine – and the group pays the NGO millions for this, but Mozilla argues that the non-profit can only survive in this way.