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More privacy for Gmail

Google collects a lot of data: at least there is no doubt about this. Whether this is useful or annoying is a question of perspective. While some appreciate the features in Gmail, others see them as an impermissible invasion of their privacy. Google’s solution for this situation: In the future, they want to increasingly give users a choice.

In a blog entry, Google announced privacy improvements for Gmail. In the future, it should be possible to centrally deactivate all the smart features that are offered based on the evaluation of the users emails. This includes Smart Compose or the automatic filtering of content in different tabs such as Primary, Social or Promotions. This category also includes the smart evaluation of certain content, for example when current information about a flight is displayed above the relevant mail.

Separately, there will be a second settings option that regulates the integration of Gmail data with other Google products such as Assistant, Maps or Travel and Google Pay. Google emphasizes that, strictly speaking, all of this could be deactivated now if you knew where to look. But this can now be done in one step. This follows both the feedback from users and that of the regulators.

Privacy at Google in the future

Google emphasizes that they want to pursue this direction with other products in the future. The point is that users explicitly choose such smart features because they are useful to them – and not just because they are there. A few weeks ago, based on a code analysis of the Gmail app, it was leaked that Google is working on corresponding changes.

Google emphasizes that anyone who decides against all of these things will still be able to use Gmail – but without such smart additions. Once again it is emphasized that even now emails are never used for advertising evaluations – regardless of whether the smart features have been activated or not.