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It’s Official: Microsoft Edge Will Be Using Chromium

It’s Official: Microsoft Edge Will Be Using Chromium

Microsoft is renewing its edge browser and switching to Chromium. The own Engine EdgeHTML will not be used anymore.

Now it is actually official: Microsoft is rebuilding its edge browser and will use Chromium. This makes Microsofts EdgeHTML engine history. The browser will also be for Windows 7, 8 and for macOS. The desktop version of Edge currently is exclusive for Windows 10. The switch to Chromium takes place in the course of next year.

A few days ago there had already been rumors about Edge and Chromium, Joe Belfiore from Microsoft now confirmes these rumors. “Ultimately, we want to improve the web experience for many different audiences” he said on the official Windows blog. Edge users would soon benefit from better compatibility with all websites. In addition, Edge will use the batteries of notebooks better. The name Edge will stay.

Microsoft has considered this move for at least a year, says The Verge. The push came apparently from users and companies that demanded better web compatibility from Edge. It was also problematic for companies that the browser did not exist for older versions of Windows. This will change in the future, Edge will then no longer be part of the major Windows 10 updates, but receive much more updates. Even macOS users can look forward to Edge, but there is not yet a specific release date.