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iOS 14.5: Unlock with Apple Watch and new emojis

In addition to the new anti-tracking feature, there are some innovations for unlocking in the pandemic as well additional emojis.

With iOS and iPadOS 14.5, the biggest update for the current operating system has been released. In addition to the tracking transparency feature, Apple has also introduced a new option for unlocking the iPhone, bug fixes and new emojis.

Permission to Track in IOS 14.5

The most awaited feature is called app tracking transparency. The feature requires that apps must ask users for permission before they can follow their behavior on other apps and websites.

For example, when an app is opened, it is indicated that the app wants to track the user across other applications and services. This is followed by the option to allow or turn off tracking.

Unlock with Apple Watch

Because of the pandemic it is fairly difficult to unlock your iPhone with FaceID. That is why you can now unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch on IOS 14.5.

In Order to use the feature, you must enter your Apple Watch passcode after starting using it for the first time. Unlocking with the Apple Watch may already be familiar to some users from Mac devices on which a similar function is supported.

217 new Emojis

Among them are new heart emojis and women who also wear beards. Different skin colors can now be selected for couples. In order to be able to better express vaccinations with emojis, the blood has been removed from the syringe emoji with the new update.

New voices for Siri

Siri gets two new English voices that sound more natural. Siri is also no longer automatically set as female, users have to choose a voice when configuring.

In addition, Siri should now be able to remember which music streaming service is used by default. If you ask Siri to play music for the first time, Siri asks which app to use and remembers the selection for the future.

For the Gamers: PS5, Xbox Series X/S Controller Support

As already announced at the unveiling of the new iPad Pro, iOS devices will also receive full support for the next-gen controllers of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. These can be connected via Bluetooth.