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iOS 13.7 with integrated Corona tracking

The contact tracking can now be implemented by authorities without having to develop their own app.

Contact tracing, which is supposed to help contain the coronavirus pandemic, has also brought movement into the development of mobile operating systems. Google also wants to set limits for phone manufacturers when it comes to the implementation of energy-saving measures, which sometimes still affect the functionality of the Corona apps.

Apple has now taken the next step and released iOS 13.7. This brings a new version of the contact tracing framework, which should make contact tracing even easier. No separate app is required for this on iOS. It is now sufficient for authorities to provide Apple with essential information, such as the planned procedure for suspected cases or the calculation of the individual risk. This means that a tracking app integrated into the system is automatically configured and can take over the tasks that the third-party apps previously performed.

The need for a third party app for reporting infections

In addition, the system can now also record trips abroad in order to warn of contact with infected people and suspected cases. However, all of this is optional. Corona tracking is also not activated by default, but must be switched on manually by the user.

There is one limitation in the new framework. If you want to report yourself as infected because of the corresponding symptoms or after a positive Covid-19 test, you cannot do this using the operating system’s own function. To do this, you still have to use the app that is used in your own region or country.