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Firefox Protects Against Fingerprinting And Crypto Miners

Firefox protects its users from crypto miners and fingerprinting. At the moment these protections are only available in the beta version and in the Nightly builds of Firefox.

Firefox wants to better protect its users from the dangers in the internet, there for the web browser will block crypto miners and prevent browser fingerprinting. The new protection is featured in the current beta version of Firefox and is in the Nightly builds available.

Mozilla had announced that Firefox will be more aggressive in the future against online tracking to protect users and give them more control. For example, upcoming Firefox versions will automatically block third-party tracking code.

Tracking Without Cookies

When fingerprinting, scripts try to uniquely identify a browser without using a cookie. For example, the individual configuration of the computer is analyzed or the installed browser extensions are evaluated in order to generate a virtual fingerprint. Fingerprinting allows users to be tracked across the web against their will.

Crypto miners try to perform computationally intensive calculations in the browser without a users notice. This is used, for example, to mine cryptocurrencies, which requires a lot of computing power. The scripts can quite slow down a computer and use a lot of battery capacity. In upcoming versions of Firefox, Mozilla wants to protect against the dangers of crypto mining and fingerprinting by using a blacklist of scripts and blocking them. To do this, Mozilla works together with the company Disconnect.