Cloudflare Adds Warp VPN Service To Its DNS App

Cloudflare Adds Warp VPN Service To Its DNS App

The DNS app for mobile devices now has a built in VPN service. Warp is designed to accelerate surfing and better protect privacy.

Cloudflare has extended its DNS app with a VPN service. That is called Warp and should be faster than other services. Warp is optimized for mobile use and uses WireGuard as a VPN protocol. According to Cloudflare, it should be more efficient than other protocols and better use the battery of mobile devices. The use of mobile data is also optimized: content is kept available in the cache and compressed if possible. The DNS app uses Cloudflare’s network to resolve DNS requests faster than other providers. The app is available for both Android and iOS for free.

VPN For People Who Don’t Know Much About VPN

Cloudflare itself describes Warp as a “VPN for people who do not know what VPN stands for”. So there are no complex configuration options. The service is also not intended to fool a website or online service into an incorrect location. Users can not set their virtual location themselves. Warp works calmly in the background of the DNS app to increase surfing speed and better protect the user’s privacy. Cloudflare promises not to store personal data or even use it for advertising.

Cloudflare wants to earn money with a premium offer. Warp works according to the so called freemium principle, the basic functions are free. The paid Warp+ promises a faster surfing speed and a higher reliability. However, Cloudflare has not yet announced the cost of the Plus offer. Registration with Warp is not yet possible for every user. Within the app, however, it is possible to be put on a waiting list. The user will eventually receive a message when Cloudflare has granted access.