Cloudflare Accelerates And Encrypts DNS Traffic

Cloudflare Accelerates And Encrypts DNS Traffic

You can expect faster loading speeds and Cloudflare promises a better protected privacy.

The DNS provider Cloudflare has developed an app for iOS and Android in cooperation with the Asian IP address provider APNIC, which makes it easier to use the provider’s DNS service. According to the description by Cloudflare you have access to the world’s fastest and most secure DNS service.

The short description does indeed show the comfort – to activate the service, all it takes is a tap in the app – but in fact, there is much more to it. Although you can easily enter the DNS server in the network settings by hand, but without further precautions both Android and iOS transmit the DNS traffic unencrypted. Therefore, it can be read by third party backbone routers.

Faster And Better

The app includes the encryption of DNS traffic and also the promise of the provider that he does not forward DNS data and deletes it from the servers after 24 hours. By contrast, some DNS providers evaluate or even sell DNS requests for promotional purposes. Also, you can expect from the app that the DNS resolutions are pretty fast, because Cloudflare has its own worldwide distributed infrastructure. It is unclear whether Cloudflare as a US company can prevent secret services of its own country from reading the DNS data.

The Cloudflare app sets up a TLS tunnel to the DNS server; in fact, it even sets up four Cloudflare IP addresses for it. Both DNS requests and responses are then encrypted between smartphone and server. In the settings of the app you can choose between HTTPS and TLS encrypted DNS traffic. For this, the app sets up its own VPN profile during installation after approval. If it is active, you can not use other VPN apps. As the name implies, the app encrypts only the DNS traffic. The rest of the IP data is still going unencrypted online.