Blockchain And Google Cloud Partnerships

Blockchain And Google Cloud Partnerships

Google’s decision to ban crypto advertising has created the image of a crypto skeptic tech giant in the media. Of course, behind the scenes, Google is already experimenting with blockchain technology. So it was only a matter of time until Google announced that it would work with distributed ledger technology. Google does not yet have its own blockchain, but the tech giant first announced that it had entered into partnerships with two blockchain startups.

Blockchain projects will be featured on Google Cloud Next

Google announced its partnerships ahead of its own Google Cloud Next 18 conference in San Francisco, which started on July 24. In addition to Blockchain, which has recently become popular, many are also eagerly awaiting announcements and presentations on projects based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The project with Digital Asset was presented in a separate presentation. Although both startups have already announced in press releases what they are working on, the exciting, technical details will be revealed at the conference.

Google Cloud is responding to growing demand with its partnerships

Of course, as a cloud computing service in data storage and data analytics, blockchain technology could not just have passed Google like that. Already last year it was speculated whether Google is working on its own cryptocurrency. This year in March, Google’s parent company Alphabet announced it was working on its own Blockchain. Although Google still does not have its own Blockchain, but with its new partnerships, Google offers its customers a possibility to develop their own blockchains. Both startups are responding to growing customer demand for a blockchain kit.

Digital Asset will provide Google Cloud with its blockchain platform and developer tools. This gives Google Cloud Platform developers access to tools and services that make it easy to build, test, and deploy Distributed Ledger applications, without having to configure the platform itself. In return, Google gets involved in the development of digital assets.

In its own press release, BlockApps describes its product: “BlockApps is delighted to integrate our platform with GCP and support GCP customers, both existing and new, on their journey to build blockchain technology solutions.” , that is specifically aimed at companies. BlockApps STRATO is based on the Ethereum protocol and works with traditional SQL databases. This would allow enterprise developers to navigate STRATO quickly and work on programming their own blockchain applications.